What does BSCN do

BSCN makes international sanctions laws and regulations manageable with advice, training and up-to-date information. We offer practical tools that smoothly guide your company through the complex rules.


What are the risks for my company and how do I deal with them? Are my products considered as dual-use goods, for civilian and military use? Can my delivery be paid in dollars? We have answers to those questions. Whether it is about selling a product to a specific country or about how you can minimize risks in general. We are strong in analyzing issues and come up with pragmatic solutions.

BSCN supports with:

  • determining the sanction risk in international transactions of money and goods, and taking appropriate risk mitigation measures;
  • the development of company policy on how to deal with sanction regulations;
  • communication about the sanctions policy with business relations;
  • the development and implementation of procedures and work instructions for everyone in your company who may be confronted with sanctions.


Proper preparation can prevent many problems. Know your suppliers and customers, check whether you can exchange raw materials, goods, technology or services with them. And whether you can receive money from them and pay them. Our customized training courses ensure that your team is ‘in control’ in this area; that management and employees recognize sanction risks and know how to deal with them as part of a commercial decision. In this way we ensure that your company does not run unnecessary risks. In training, we work with practical situations, pictured with drawings.

Draw it

We work with a draftsman who translates complex processes and concepts into images. By drawing the entire chain of suppliers, distributors, transporters and customers - including payment transactions - a clear overall picture is created. The drawings make it clear at a glance where the sanction risks can be found and how it can be made manageable.